We are looking forward to welcoming you in Cologne!

Dear Participants,

we are looking forward to welcoming you to the 1st Cologne Conference on Lung Cancer, taking place from April 06 – 07, 2017. 

The current dynamics in the development of new lung cancer therapies, including mutation-directed treatment strategies as well as immunotherapies, is breathtaking. However, with each new success we also meet our limits, and cure still remains out of reach for most of our patients. Continuous improvement of therapy outcome will be achieved only by a more precise understanding of the mechanisms underlying malignant transformation, clonal evolution and the interaction of tumor cells and tumormicromilieu. Also, to transfer this knowledge efficiently into clinical application, needs a continuously ongoing joint effort of scientists and clinicians. 

The Cologne Conference on Lung Cancer brings together scientists and clinicians to discuss cutting-edge translational lung cancer research and its potential clinical translation. We are proud, that leaders of the field will present their results. On 2 days in 6 sessions we will discuss the topics clonal heterogeneity and resistance, undruggable mutations, personalized immunotherapy, rare mutations, small cell lung cancer and innovative diagnostics. Also, real-life patient cases will be presented and discussed. We would like to thank all guest speakers for their active participation and engagement. 

Two outstanding scientists have accepted our invitation to give key note lectures. Charles Swanton (The Francis Crick Institute – London, UK) will talk on „Tracking Cancer Evolution: TRACERx“ and Pasi Jänne (Dana Farber Cancer Institute – Boston, USA) on „Targeting the EGFR-pathway: are we precise enough ?). 

We are expecting a highly interactive meeting sparked by the panel of internationally renown speakers, who will discuss their latest research developments with an audience of scientists and physicians. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you and wish all participants who have to travel to Cologne a pleasant journey.

 Sincerely yours